Video Reviews

These video testimonials, by real STOP-FYRE users, showcase just how important it can be to have a STOP-FYRE unit ready in case of a fire emergency. In these customer reviews, farmers, fire fighters, tractor pullers, and more share their stories of how STOP-FYRE helped to protect their property and their lives.

Fire Departments
Jim V.

Used STOP-FYRE to save the life of a woman trapped in a car fire.

Nathan W.

Firefighter/mechanic says STOP-FYRE is a ‘Miracle Juice’.

Mike Y.

Fire Chief believes STOP-FYRE is the ‘world’s best fire extinguisher.’

Korey K.

Fire department stops kitchen blaze with STOP-FYRE.

Steve C.

Fire Chief puts STOP-FYRE to the test.

Dave D.

“My dry chemical extinguisher never fazed the fire. STOP-FYRE’s got more punch.”

Dave G.

“With just a couple/three squirts the fire was out.”

Dave G.

“This product somehow magically goes right to the fire and extinguishes it.”

Dave G.

“I think STOP-FYRE is worth its weight in gold.”

Julie D.

“We’ve got the best!”

Dave G.

“Very convenient and handy to have around”

Julie D.

“This will do the job.”

Dave G.

“I have full confidence in STOP-FYRE.”

Dave G.

“One shot and the fire was out and the thing is STILL good after 20 years.”

National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) Attendees
Dave D.

Dave sees STOP-FYRE put out many tractor fires quickly and effectively.

Tarry F.

Tarry experiences problems with other fire extinguishers and wishes STOP-FYRE would have been used on her tractor fire.

Harold P.

“The size of the fire was such that I couldn’t see the vehicle anymore.”

Bob N.

Bob trusts STOP-FYRE because it works when nothing else does.

Earl W.

Earl likes STOP-FYRE because it doesn’t harm expensive machinery.

Harold P. / Tyler S.

“I was just a ball of flames and he put me out with STOP-FYRE and if STOP-FYRE can save me, what can it do for you?”

Larry R.

Hear Larry explain how STOP-FYRE puts out a fire that impresses the fire departments.