STOP-FYRE® Fire Extinguisher FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about STOP-FYRE fire extinguishers:

STOP-FYRE is the most reliable fire extinguisher made today and provides multiple clean agent options. 

First, our objective is to make the most reliable extinguisher, it is all we do! We make STOP-FYRE with the expectation that it will perform for decades under the most extreme of conditions. Second, great effort has been made in the choices of literally every component, including plastics, metal alloys, and even adhesives, to ensure STOP-FYRE stands the test of time, on any type of farm, home, machine, or vehicle, so you can trust it will be there when you need it. Third, we back this up with a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee on every product we sell.

You need 3 things to be present for a fire to start - heat, oxygen, and a fuel source. Then for the fire to continue you need the chemical reaction. Traditional dry chemical extinguishers only attack the fuel source component of the fire by seeking to smother. STOP-FYRE cools the fire area, pushes away the oxygen from the fire, interrupts the chemical reaction, and so long as it is confined, helps prevent reignition of the fuel source. 
STOP-FYRE Blue 8 seconds, STOP-FYRE Red 12 seconds, and STOP-FYRE Green approximately 20 seconds if expelled all at once, but the extinguisher should be used in short bursts.
We have customers who have units they purchased from us in the late 1980's, which are still in working condition, and these units have never been serviced. We also put a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™ on all STOP-FYRE options.
Yes, so long as you haven't emptied it completely. STOP-FYRE is a multi-shot fire extinguisher and can be used multiple times on different fires. However, AKE recommends that you refill your unit after each use because you never know how big your next fire will be.
Our STOP-FYRE handhelds are 3” in diameter, 12.5” tall, and has a 6” handle width.
They love it. It’s a very specific tool in their toolbox for putting out obstructed fires, such as a chimney fire. Fire departments have used STOP-FYRE to save homes, cars, and machinery. Plus they don’t have to maintain it, worry about it, or fuss about it. See for yourself what they think.
Since 1989, we have been making and selling fire extinguishers. We’ve got tens of thousands of units that are still on farms and in homes that are in just of good of condition today as when they were bought decades ago. 
You can refill your STOP-FYRE unit. Please see our Get A Refill Page for details.
Price is what you pay today for your purchase. Cost is what you pay over the lifetime of owning your purchase. When compared to a traditional fire extinguisher, STOP-FYRE has a higher price, but a much lower cost. In fact, after just 308 days, STOP-FYRE is less expensive to own than dry chemical. And without all of the hassles of maintaining a traditional fire extinguisher, our customers tell us they simply wouldn’t own anything but STOP-FYRE.
STOP-FYRE is effective at extinguishing A, B, and C class fires. Class A fires are common combustibles which leave behind an ash (e.g. wood, paper, rubber). Class B fires are flammable liquids and gases. Class C fires are electrical. A, B, and C are the typical fires you’d encounter in your normal day-to-day farm, home, and other business operations.
Yes. We strive to anticipate whatever you might be challenged with as a customer and help you with that before you even encounter the difficulty, so both a very durable bracket and mounting hardware are included with each STOP-FYRE unit.
Not difficult at all – twist, pull the pin out, and then fight the fire. In fact, it's so easy a 4-year old can do it!
Our STOP-FYRE Green is perfect for all applications. However, just to be safe, we recommend two units for larger applications and machinery.
The gauge measures whether there is pressure inside the canister or not. We put a gauge on our unit to satisfy an inspector who may be unfamiliar with STOP-FYRE.
Yes, unless Fire Code requires you to keep a larger dry chemical powder unit. In that case, keep your dry chemical units to satisfy an inspection, but USE your STOP-FYRE units when you actually have a fire. STOP-FYRE will save you money from, and help you avoid the hassle of a dry chemical powder cleanup.
Yes, STOP-FYRE is a liquefied gas. See for yourself how safe it is.
AKE guarantees that if any of the fire safety equipment you have purchased from us is EVER not in working condition, we will repair or replace it with a new unit of equal or greater value. Visit our Guarantee Page for more details. All units are sold standard with a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee.
We GUARANTEE our product, we don’t warranty it. Unlike every other fire extinguisher on the market which only offers you a very wordy limited warranty, our guarantee is very simple and straight forward – it’s only one sentence…“AKE guarantees that if any of the fire safety equipment we manufactured is EVER not in working condition, we will repair or replace it with a new unit of equal or greater value.” All units are sold standard with a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee. Visit our Guarantee Page for more details.
No, STOP-FYRE won’t freeze, but according to Boyle’s Law temperature affects pressure and volume, so you will see the pressure indicator on the guage change based upon temperature. When the temperature is lower, pressure will be lower and a more condensed volume of STOP-FYRE will spray out. For best results, store STOP-FYRE above freezing even though its effective range of use is -40 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry chemical extinguishers and ALL pressurized canisters are affected the same way by temperature extremes. 
No. Temperature has no long-term negative effects upon the extinguisher. We make them in Minnesota and have thousands of customers in very cold climates that love STOP-FYRE in part because of its range of use and durability.

1. Liquified Gas - STOP-FYRE is in this category, and is effective on A, B, and C fires.

2. Dry Chemical Powder - The most common fire extinguisher available. It contains a corrosive powder, ammonium phosphate, which can be used to extinguish class A, B and C fires. 

3. Foam - Effective on various classes of fire depending upon foam type. Do not use on class C fires due to high water content. 

4. Water - Effective on class A fires only. (You must add antifreeze to them in cold climates because otherwise they can freeze in the wintertime and break from the water expanding during freezing.) Do not use on class B or C fires.

5. Carbon Dioxide - Effective on class B and C fires only.

We have been told from numerous customers that they have been given, in some instances, significant discounts because of owning STOP-FYRE but we cannot guarantee this for your insurance company. You will have to contact them directly.