The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®

STOP-FYRE® is considered the best fire extinguisher because of its unique features and benefits. Click on the features and benefits shown below to learn how the best fire extinguisher will benefit you, your family, and your business.

The Ultimate Benefit from all Features combined = Peace-of-Mind!

Click the Features to See What Makes STOP-FYRE® So Different!

Straightforward Operation
Lightweight Extinguisher
Compact-Sized Unit
Custom-Engineered Valve
Pistol-Grip Handle
Clean Extinguishing Agent
Liquefied Gas Agent

1. Straightforward Operation
Because of our simple design, you get a fire extinguisher which is:

  • Easy to Use – you can just pull the pin, squeeze the trigger, and put out your fire
  • Fast – allows you to put out a fire quickly
  • Intuitive – STOP-FYRE® is the easiest and most effective fire extinguisher you will ever use 

2. Lightweight Extinguisher

  • Easy to Use – anyone can quickly extinguish a fire 

3. Compact-Sized Unit

  • Versatile – You can store it virtually anywhere 

4. Environmentally-Resistant Components
Because we use only the most durable components available, you get an extinguisher which can last a lifetime:

Seamless Aluminum Canister, Stainless Steel Screws/Pin, and Specialized Paint 

  • Flexibility – you can mount in any location 
  • Worry-Free – you don’t have to worry about corrosion for a lifetime 
Shock-Resistant Plastic
  • Durable – gives you “Peace-of-Mind” knowing your extinguisher is protected from damage 
Long-Lasting Label
  • Long-Term Readability – ensures safe operation 

5. Custom-Engineered Valve
Because our valve won’t leak, you get the features and benefits of an extinguisher which is:

  • Multi-Shot – you can fight multiple fires with the same unit
  • Maintenance Free – ready to use when you need it most
  • Versatile – you can mount in any direction 

6. Pistol-Grip Handle

  • Easy to Use – extinguishing a fire can be easily done by anyone – even a child, someone with severe arthritis, or a disabled person 

7. Clean Extinguishing Agent
Because of our clean agents, you get an extinguisher which is:

  • Non-Corrosive – will not harm your machinery, electronics, or skin
  • No Mess – saves you from a dry-chemical clean-up hassle 

8. Liquefied Gas Agent
Because of our extinguishing agents, you get an extinguisher which is:

  • Maintenance Free – dry chemical powder can solidify if not shaken monthly, with our agent you can avoid this hassle
  • Multi-Shot – won’t clog the valve like dry chemical powder will, which can allow you to fight multiple fires and save you the hassle and expense of replacing or servicing your unit
  • Drawn to the Heat – do not need a direct shot at the fire to put it out
  • Prevents Re-ignition – gas is drawn to the heat source and stays there until it dissipates
  • Multi Purpose – effective at extinguishing class A, B, and C fires
  • Operator Safety – safe on skin and does not conduct electricity