AKE Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™

Our Promise to You…

is to give genuine value by guaranteeing your safety equipment investment with no-hassle.

We get it…

You have a choice, you can protect what matters most with fire safety equipment that has a Limited Warranty (a wordy document that often isn’t worth much) or purchase STOP-FYRE®, the only fire extinguisher with a Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee.

AKE Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™*

AKE guarantees that if any of the fire safety equipment we manufactured is EVER not in working condition, we will repair or replace it with a new unit of equal or greater value.

“With our Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee, you get true Peace-of-Mind because you have our Team’s promise and my word.”

Allen Kronebusch

*AKE's Lifetime No-Hassle Guarantee™ does not apply to AVWS & wiring, if any product is abused, altered, vandalized, or if customer attempts to defraud AKE. This guarantee is limited to the replacement of the unit only.