How Much Does A Fire Extinguisher Cost?

When you are purchasing a product where quality is the priority, a product’s purchase price is less important than its long-term value. Even though dry chemical extinguishers appear to save you money because of their low purchase price, a STOP-FYRE® High Capacity costs far less to maintain – what we can think of as “Expense” or the purchase price plus the cost to maintain it over a certain time period.

In fact, after only 308 days, a STOP-FYRE® High Capacity costs about four (4) times less to own. This does not include the hassle and headache of maintenance and clean-up of dry chemical ownership. Use the following fire extinguisher comparison charts to help you make the best value-based purchasing decision.

“Expense” of Ownership Over Time

Cost of Fire Extinguishers After 10 Years of Ownership*

Online sources state that, on average, every American farm will have a fire large enough to need a fire extinguisher once every 3.5 years. All costs are based on this statistic. Costs also based on 2014 online and phone research and multiple conversations with customers.

1. Monthly maintenance cost for servicing a dry chemical extinguisher = $21.48/hour for a professional to inspect and shake a dry chemical extinguisher, 10 minutes of shaking per extinguisher = $3.58. $3.58 x 12 months = $43/year. There is no monthly maintenance necessary with STOP-FYRE®. Based on 2014, online professional servicing rates search.

2. The average professional servicing for a dry chemical extinguisher = $20/year. There is no professional servicing necessary with STOP-FYRE®. Based on 2014 rates.

3. New clean-up estimate data from online source in 2016: fire-cleanup. STOP-FYRE® has no chemical cleanup.