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  • “The AKE STOP-FYRE fire extinguisher saved my pickup.

    In April of 2015 we were unrolling some drainage tile with our 1 TON Ford pickup. All of a sudden we noticed a fire on the ground, looked up, and it was under the pickup. It was an oil fire and smoke was starting to pour out under the hood. We quickly grabbed the Stop Fyre extinguisher from the back seat of the pickup and started attacking the fire. We remember Allen’s advice on how to fight an engine fire and started using short bursts under the engine before we opened the hood. A few short bursts and the fire seemed to be out. We carefully lifted the hood and gave the fire a few more short bursts in the engine compartment. The fire was out, but then came back, it was an oil fire, but just a couple more short bursts and that was the end of the fire.

    We had the pickup towed to the dealership for repair. The cause of the fire was a wiring problem around the starter and that got hot and started the fire. It got hot enough to start a transmission line on fire and that is where the oil was coming from. If we did not have the Stop Fyre extinguisher we would have lost the pickup completely. We only used about 2/3 of the fire extinguisher and we were impressed how quickly it put out the oil fire around the engine. The Stop Fyre fire extinguisher is the only fire extinguisher I would want to use on any fire.


    A. Hart, Hart Farms”

    Hart Farms, Elgin, MN
  • “We purchased these extinguishers about two years ago. On November 15th, 2015, our corn dryer started on fire. These extinguishers were used and the fire was put out quickly and without mess. The fire department wasn’t even needed. We will definitely be getting these refilled and have them on hand at all times. The AKE STOP-FYRE extinguishers are just like described – snuffs out the fires without mess.”


    J. Hoffman, Downing, WI
  • “Used on burn barrel oil fire – worked great.”



    D Johnson, Oto, IA
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