AKE team in front of AKE headquarters

About us

At AKE Safety Equipment, we realize you’re not just buying

“The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher®”

Your Safety is Our Top Concern

At AKE our focus is on the things that matter, like family, faith, and fire safety. And we consider our customers to be our family.

Commitment Matters

We stand by our word and we’re passionate about serving our customers. So, if you call to get a replacement as part of our “no hassle, no B.S. guarantee,” you’ll get no hassles, no B.S.

We’re easy to do business with. We don’t nickel and dime our customers. You’re paying for a premium product, and you get premium people. Every single AKE team member works toward the same goal–to save property, livelihoods, and lives.

“Our customers know they can trust us with their lives and livelihoods and we’re proud to be part of that. We treasure their trust.”

- Allen Kronebusch, Owner & Founder

open farmers field



“The #1 reason I purchased 11 STOP-FYRE® units for my farm is simple – I don’t want to have to shake them each month or have them serviced every year. This saves me precious time and money. STOP-FYRE® is hassle-free and over time will more than pay for itself.”

Justin F.

Holy Cross, IA


“Only 2 weeks after I purchased my STOP-FYRE® units, my forklift had a propane leak and caught on fire in my shed containing more than $500,000 worth of corn and soybean seed. We used the STOP-FYRE® unit and before you could say “out”, the fire was out. This fire could have destroyed my entire machine shop and 7,000 bags of seed. I have since recommended this product to my friends.”

Steve H.

Spring Valley, MN


“We had a chimney fire. I was ready to tell the children to call the firetrucks when I thought of these fire extinguishers we had just recently bought. I was amazed at how soon the fire was completely out and how there wasn’t a mess at all.”

Mrs. Dennis C.

Ashland, OH


 “The engine of a modified tractor got fuel on top of the pistons. The crew removed the fuel from the combustion chambers, but the fuel spilled on a crew member and he caught fire due to the spark from the coil. Using STOP-FYRE®, we put out the fire right away. Thanks to this excellent product, we saved our crew member from devastating consequences.”

Joel Soulliere,

President of the Nebraska Bush Pullers


“After seeing STOP-FYRE® in action, I became a customer. I can’t imagine owning anything else to protect my farm and machinery.”

Dave S.

(Farmer & NTPA CEO)