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STOP-FYRE® is a multi-shot product

Once a dry chemical fire extinguisher has been used it cannot be used again without being professionally serviced. The powder inside can clump and clog the nozzle, making it unusable and useless for the next fire. STOP-FYRE® allows for multiple uses with our value technology and clean agent.


Why STOP-FYRE® is The World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher® 

STOP-FYRE® is a clean agent fire extinguisher made up of a proprietary blend of fire suppression gases. Unlike dry-chemical fire extinguishers, STOP-FYRE® doesn't need a direct shot to put out a fire. STOP-FYRE® expands to reach the fire even if you can't. STOP-FYRE® is your best option for Class A,B,C, and K fires.