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How STOP-FYRE® Works

Learn what makes our STOP-FYRE® extinguishers "The World's BEST Fire Extinguisher®"
Not Your Typical Fire Extinguisher

Not Your Typical Fire Extinguisher

STOP-FYRE® extinguishers are incredibly intuitive, effective, and reliable fire extinguishers that help you protect what’s most important in your life. Whether that is your family, home, business, business equipment, machinery, vehicles, land, raw materials, electronics, or anything else that you deem valuable, STOP-FYRE® is here to help you protect those valuables from potential loss due to a fire.

AKE Safety Equipment has over 30 years of experience developing the highest quality and most effective fire safety equipment on the market. We’ve designed our STOP-FYRE® extinguishers to address every element of a fire. 

The Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle

Putting out a fire in a timely manner requires addressing all of the elements in the Fire Triangle. This means; attacking the base of the fire, where the fuel source expels gases that feed the flames. STOP-FYRE® is a proprietary clean agent blend fire extinguisher that simultaneously blocks all of the elements in the Fire Triangle.

STOP-FYRE® Does The Following:

Pushes the oxygen away

Cools the fire area

Interrupts the chemical reaction

Insulates the fuel source

Why Is STOP-FYRE® the Best Choice?

The Answer Is Simple

The Answer Is Simple

Fire needs three elements to prosper: fuel, oxygen and heat. Common extinguishing agents like water, carbon dioxide, dry chemical, and foams attack the fire physically to deprive the fire of one or more of the three critical elements needed for propagation. STOP-FYRE® differs in the way it puts out the fire. It offers some of water's cooling effect and some of carbon dioxide's smothering action, but its essential extinguishing technique lies in its capacity to chemically react with the fire's components. It actually interrupts the chain reaction of fire.

STOP-FYRE® is similar to CO2 in that it is suitable for use in cold weather and leaves no residue. However, unlike CO2, there is no danger of STOP-FYRE® "cold shocking" avionics or other sensitive electrical equipment.

Dry chemical fire extinguishers are effective on A, B and C class fires. However, they are highly corrosive, and create billowing clouds of choking dust; dry chemical extinguishers should not be used in an aviation environment. STOP-FYRE® is non-corrosive and does not leave behind clouds of choking dust.

Foam extinguishers are effective on class A and B fires, and are particularly useful for preventing ignition of flammable liquid spills. However, foams are inferior to STOP-FYRE® in that they do require cleanup and in that they are not for use on electrical fires.

Why Does It Matter?

Every Minute Counts

Every Minute Counts

Fires are not only incredibly dangerous, but they spread quickly. Fires double in size every 10 seconds and can grow out of control in a minute or less. The problem?

It can take 30+ minutes to respond to a fire in a rural area.

A STOP-FYRE® extinguisher actively combats all elements of a fire to prevent it from growing out of control.

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