Harvest Season Safety

Harvest Season Safety

Harvest Season Safety

Once again, the harvest season will begin soon. That means working long hard hours to reap the benefits of all the time and energy you put in this year. However, it is important to remember the dangers of the harvest season, especially when it comes to fire. Living in a rural area, your risk of a devastating fire increases because it can take additional time for help to arrive. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, death rates from fire are twice as high for rural communities. But fire not only can take lives, it can easily destroy your home, equipment, animals, and ultimately jeopardize your livelihood.

Harvest Season Safety Tips

Tractor, combine, cotton stripper and picker fires are major threats for farmers. A fire can happen so quickly, and it could happen at any time. Fires can be extremely devasting because every 10 seconds they double in size, meaning in 30-60 seconds the fire may grow out of control. With rural response times that can be over 30 minutes, waiting for help to arrive may result in tragic losses.

5 Basic Fire Safety Recommendations:

1. Keep your equipment clean – and clean it often! Fires are often caused by debris clogging up parts in the machine. To combat this, make sure you clean hard to reach places to prevent build up. If you need to, clean multiple times!

2. Consistently check your equipment’s systems. Electrical wires can get worn; tubes and hoses can crack. It’s important that you check and replace any worn or damaged parts as soon as possible.

3. Make sure your cooling systems and lubrication schedules are consistent and well maintained.

4. Always keep fire extinguishers on your equipment. We recommend you have an automatic extinguisher installed and an Audio Visual Warning System (AVWS)*, in addition to a fire extinguisher in the cab, near the engine, and on the back of your equipment.

                *Want to learn more about our AVWS? Check it out here

5. Make sure you refill your fire extinguishers after you use them. A fire extinguisher does no good if it’s empty!

We want to ensure your harvest season goes smoothly, and you are ready in case of a fire emergency. That’s why we are now offering our loyal customer price on all STOP-FYRE refills during September and October! Refills will now be 30 cents/gram, normal retail price is 40 cents/gram. Offer only applies to handheld units, not automatics. So now is the time to refill your extinguisher!

How do you get your STOP-FYRE extinguisher refilled?

All you need to do is call us at 800-586-1639 or click here and mention. “2019 Fall Refill Mailer” to get your loyal customer rate. When requesting your refill, please have on hand the serial number located at the back of each unit.

What to do in the event of a fire:
  1. Shut down your equipment and close any fuel valves if you can.
  2. Do not to open any doors or compartments, this can cause the fire to grow because of the increased oxygen to the fire. Oxygen is a fuel source.
  3. Use short targeted bursts of STOP-FYRE, spraying towards the base of the fire. Assess if the fire is out and spray again if necessary.
  4. Allow your equipment to cool down. Check where the fire started for any possible damage.
  5. If the fire is not small and manageable, call for help right away. Do not re-enter the cab, and do not open doors or hatches.

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Equipment is expensive, but it is not worth risking your life. Your life is irreplaceable.

With proper prevention and preparation, a fire can be a minor inconvenience instead of a devastating loss of property and life. Protect your operation and what you have worked so hard for with the World’s BEST Fire Extinguisher, STOP-FYRE. We are here to help you protect what matters most from fire.  

If you have any questions or would like help determining how many extinguishers you need for your operation, give us a call at 800-586-1639. We can send one of our local fire safety experts to you!

Are you in the Cotton Industry? We have specific products to help solve your fire threats. Learn more about how we can help you here.