How Stop Fyre Works

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How STOP-FYRE® Works

Why is STOP-FYRE® The World's Best Fire Extinguisher®

STOP-FYRE® offers a simpler, more intuitive, more reliable fire extinguisher so you can protect what’s most important. We’ve researched the way fires grow and spread, and we’ve designed our STOP-FYRE® extinguishers to address every element.

The Fire Triangle

  • Oxygen
  • Fuel
  • Heat

Putting out fires quickly requires addressing all of these elements at once, attacking the base of the fire, where the fuel source expels gasses that feed the flames. STOP-FYRE® is a clean agent extinguisher that blocks all of these elements at the same time.

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Fires are not only incredibly dangerous, but they spread quickly. Fires double in size every 10 seconds and can grow out of control in a minute or less. The problem?

It can take 37 minutes to respond to a fire in a rural area.

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We offer a guarantee - not a warranty - to safeguard your investment. The difference?

A STOP-FYRE® fire extinguisher actively combats all elements of a fire to prevent it from growing out of control, damaging your farm, home, or business and potentially causing grave injuries.